Persistent seeks positive impact in the areas of sustainable environment, gender equality, job creation and access to energy. We want our impact indicators to reflect these values, while simultaneously being aligned with the interests of our stakeholders. We also seek a balance between our own key performance indicators (KPIs) – customized to our needs – and standardized metrics. It is critical to us to keep a pragmatic balance between thoroughness and cost-effectiveness. We therefore make an effort to keep the collection of our KPIs simple and consistent.

We divide our partner companies into three categories based on their business model:

  • Pay-as-you-go (PAYG), e.g. Oolu Solar, Solarworks!, PEG, upOwa, Zonful Energy
  • Productive use (PU), e.g. C&I companies candi solar, Rensource, and Daystar that provide SHS on a utility like basis, and Asobo that provides electric engines to fishers on Lake Victoria
  • Technology (TECH), e.g. Enable, Migo Money