Migo Global

Imagine if every time you went to the doctor you paid cash up front before you were treated, where every time you rented an apartment you paid 2 years cash up front, or where your monthly paycheck was frequently delayed for months at a time. Then imagine if you had no access to loans, credit cards, or even bank accounts. This is everyday life for over 3 billion people in developing countries around the world and we are on a mission to change it.

Migo provides a cloud-based platform that enables banks and merchants to offer credit to customers in countries without functioning credit bureaus. We build ML algorithms on customer phone records, bank records, and payment transactions to assess credit risk, along with full automation to manage the credit application and delivery process. The net result is a seamless user experience where customers of our partner institutions can apply for and receive a loan in less than 60 seconds or make instant purchases with virtual or physical credit cards.

Although we just raised a Series A and have partnerships that provide an immediate audience of tens of millions of consumers, our company is still at a formative stage where you can get in on the ground floor and have immense impact. Come join us on what promises to be a remarkable journey bringing financial services to billions of consumers in need around the world!

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