About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2012, we are leading experts and pioneer investors in the off-grid sector. We believe that building commercially successful businesses is the best approach to sustainable socio-economic impact in underserved emerging markets. We also believe building businesses that provide clean energy is the best strategy for fighting climate change

Our sector-defining publications and analysis underscore our commitment to a collaborative approach to accelerate the development of the sector.

Our Approach

We invest in ventures that meet or enable businesses to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Use commercial discipline to deliver sustainable socio-economic impact
  • Use and promote clean energy
  • Serve customers in underserved emerging markets
  • Provide essential products and services to households and businesses
  • Are at an early stage

We seek to work with exceptional entrepreneurs to build businesses that are aligned with our investment criteria and partner with them in the following ways:

  • Leverage our extensive networks and deep sector and market knowledge to find the most promising opportunities
  • Utilize on the ground presence, deep operational knowledge at the board level, as a strategic adviser or in a temporary management role to accelerate growth of businesses. Read more about What We Do.
  • Institute governance and processes to improve visibility into business performance and mitigate risk

Pioneering Milestones

  1. 2012

    • Invested in Off Grid Electric

      First investment in an off-grid company

  2. 2013

    • Invested in Fenix

      Investment in first off-grid company in Uganda

    • Invested in Persistent Energy Ghana (PEG Africa)

      First off-grid energy company in West Africa

  3. 2014

    • Published seminal white paper

      Published seminal white paper on how to build commercially sustainable companies in the PAYG sector

  4. 2015

    • Held the first Seminar for the Sector on FX risk mitigation in PAYG companies

    • Successfully structured and closed Africa‘s first solar asset receivables backed securitization

      BBOXX DEARS securitization in Kenyan Shillings

  5. 2016

    • Investment in SolarWorks!

      First off-grid company in Mozambique

  6. 2017

    • Investment in Oolu Solar

      First off-grid company in Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso

  7. 2018

    • Investment in Zonful Energy

      First off-grid company in Zimbabwe