What We Do

Persistent uses its investment expertise to identify scalable and innovative companies in Sub-Saharan Africa led by exceptional entrepreneurs. We understand that investing in early-stage ventures carries inherent risks, but we strategically approach these challenges. Through rigorous due diligence and comprehensive analysis, we proactively embrace early-stage risks to unlock the potential of these companies that may otherwise remain unrealized.

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    6408180 lives improved by persistent partner companies
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    200%+ average portfolio growth rate since investment
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    21662 jobs created by persistent partner companies
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    1375013 total tons of CO2 Avoided overall


Persistent manages/advises over $175m of assets, and has directly made 80 investments in 25 companies. We are backed by a diverse set of investors, including HNWI, Family Offices, Corporates, Foundations and DFI’s.

Venture Building

We offer comprehensive Venture Building services that include robust finance, strategic governance, technical and legal expertise for the early-stage companies. Persistent Venture Builders apply a hands-on approach by assuming strategic roles of need within the founding team of the early-stage companies we invest in.

With our team of Venture Builders, we leverage our expertise and experience to empower these companies at their crucial growth stage to ensure their successful trajectory in their various climate markets.

We offer

venture building

Financial & Operational Management


icon Capital raising & structuring

Capital Raising & Structuring

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Business Analytics & Development of KPI tools

HR Advisory

Human Capital Advisory

IT strategy & consulting

IT Solutions Advisory


Persistent invests in companies with a positive impact by promoting carbon-neutral economic development. We specifically track our impact key performance indicators (KPIs) across GHG reduction, installed renewables, sustainability, economic development, gender equality, job creation and access to energy.

Our impact indicators reflect Persistent’s values, while simultaneously aligning with the interests of our stakeholders. We also seek a balance between our own KPIs – customized to our needs – and standardized sectoral best in class metrics. It is critical for us to keep a pragmatic balance between thoroughness and pragmatism, therefore we make an effort to keep the collection of our KPIs simple and consistent.

In addition to SDG 7, affordable and clean energy and SDG 13, climate action. Persistent also embodies SDG 5, gender equality through the 2x challenge where we promote gender equality, both as a company and by working together with our partner companies to achieve a common goal.


  • Venture Building is a systematic approach to building new businesses with  hands-on support by building teams, supporting company governance and providing shared services across portfolio companies.

  • Persistent embeds team members into critical strategic roles within our portfolio companies; positions that can not be easily filled with local talent at such an early stage.  These seconded roles include positions such as CFO, legal, IT and  fundraising.  Filling these roles at such an early stage ensures that Persistent portfolio companies are structured and supported with expertise that overcomes early stumbling blocks to growth.

  • Distributed renewable energy (primarily solar), including PayGo and commercial and industrial (C&I) solar, e-mobility, energy efficiency and enablers of these industries in Africa.  We are also developing new capabilities to also invest in Agtech and the Circular Economy.

  • We believe building commercially successful businesses that actively focus on developing and implementing climate change mitigation and transition is the best approach to creating a sustainable socio-economic impact in underserved markets, while simultaneously addressing the most pressing challenge of our time.

    Climate mitigation and transition businesses include those that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, agricultural solutions,  carbon removal,  and circular economy solutions such as recycling.

    Investing in and supporting these businesses not only promotes a more sustainable future, but can also yield strong financial returns while making a positive impact on the planet. By investing in clean energy solutions, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, recycling and other climate-focused business models, we can create a more prosperous and equitable future for all, while mitigating the devastating effects of climate change.

  • First and foremost, people – our experienced professionals who draw on Persistent’s ten+ years of experience building companies across Africa.  Our people help companies do everything from building their first business models to developing their IT infrastructure to raising additional financing.

  • We invest in early stage companies pre-seed to Series A and can invest in companies that are pre-revenue.  We serially invest in our most successful companies as they grow.