Persistent Case Study Takes a Deeper Look into the Success Story of Altech

September 14, 2021 news category

Imagine starting with humble savings for just 3,000 solar lanterns and, in less than 10 years, providing electricity to millions of Congolese people while building one of the most impactful and profitable businesses in the off-grid energy space. Meet our partner company, Altech.

Congolese founded and managed, Altech has grown into the leading off-grid energy provider in the Democratic Republic of Congo, offering a diverse product portfolio to their customers including solar lanterns, lighting solutions, solar home system (SHS) and appliances, and efficient cookstoves.

Since partnering with them in 2018, Persistent has invested in and supported Altech through its venture building services, including securing millions in grants, inventory financing and equity.

This case study, led by Persistent Venture Builder Manuela Bock, takes a deeper look into the success story of Altech, the partnership with Persistent, its expansion and growth, their impact on the ground, and their vision for the future.

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