Persistent Published Two New Impact Publications

June 16, 2020 news category

For the past months, the Persistent team, led by intern Line Cottier has created two new impact publications, one on our Metrics, Challenges and Vision, and another about Lessons Learned in the Impact Investment Sector.

Line Cottier says “Persistent’s mission and the desire to have an impact was a big reason why I chose to work here. I soon realized that impact investing was a space with few rules and little standardization regarding impact measurement – particularly in the off-grid energy sector. This led us to start working on our first impact report. By redefining our impact indicators and closely working with our partner companies to find the right metrics, I encountered many common challenges that made me feel much deeper involved in the subject than initially expected. As a consequence, we chose to not only publish the results of our improved impact assessment in an impact report, but also to summarize our findings and learnings in a separate white paper. I hope both publications will prove helpful to the sector and contribute to the discussion around impact.”

We want to give a big thank you to Line for all her hard work and ultimately creating these impact publications not only for Persistent, but for the whole sector. It has been great to have you on our team!