6994 Female employees

Not only does limiting women’s potential create a huge loss in terms of social justice, it also constrains economic wealth. We therefore strive for gender equality and diversity in all our portfolio companies and try to promote the hiring and empowerment of female talent whenever possible.

We keep track of both the overall number of female employees and the gender ratio at our partner companies, Year to date (YTD) results are updated at the end of each quarter. The total number of female employees is 2,338, while the average ratio of female employees is 28%.

Djamila Badini of Oolu Solar

Djamila Badini started working at Oolu Solar in 2017 in Burkina Faso as an intern during her studies which were focused on auditing, management control and management support. In April 2018 Oolu offered her a job to launch the operations of Oolu in Burkina Faso. After 1 year, Djamila moved to Dakar to work at the Oolu headquarters and manage the operations in Niger and Burkina Faso. As a manager in the operations team, she supports the operations assistants in the different countries with analyses, processes and tools.

During her 3 years with Oolu,  Djamila learned how to manage a team and how it is to work in a fast growing company with different cultures. During this time, she developed her quantitative and qualitative skills. Oolu is giving the same opportunities to women but they are always trying to increase the number of women in the field and the supporting teams.

Djamila’s dream is to gain sufficient knowledge and skills in order to move into a position like an operational director. Oolu has given her the opportunities to grow and develop, and she hopes to inspire other women to keep developing themselves.