767.583 Households powered

This impact indicator only applies to PAYG companies. Assuming that for every solar installation installed, there is one household benefiting from its new or improved access to energy, the number of households powered equals the total number of installations.

We keep track of both the impact results since the inception of our partner companies, as well as year to date (YTD) results that are updated at the end of each quarter. The total number of households powered overall is 408,818, while the total number of households powered YTD is 189,960.

How Oolu Solar Powers Households

For the first time, Oolu Solar client Oumar Ndiaye and his family are able to have a television. Before the television system, they already had a solar home system from Oolu to charge their phones and to provide light in their home. After two years, when the finished the payment of their first system, they decided to also get the television system.

The family is very happy with it, especially now that the children are unable to attend school due to the Corona measures. They can watch different classes on the Senegalese national channels. In the beginning we had a problem with the signal but after a call to the client service helpline, their agent Tamba (also on the picture), came to reposition the satellite disk and the signal improved.

They have a monthly payment plan, and every month they make a payment with Orange money via phone. With the new solar system, they are able to charge all their phones, have lights in their home and watch the news at the same time.

Oolu Solar Clients