741.802 Total number of installations

This impact indicator only applies to PAYG, C&I and PU companies. It provides information on how many solar products and services are provided by our portfolio companies in total. Depending on their business model, installations vary from solar lanterns to solar home systems to micro-grids to larger-scale solar PV systems.

We keep track of both the impact results since the inception of our partner companies, as well as year to date (YTD) results that are updated at the end of each quarter. The total number of installations overall is 444,435, while the total number of installations YTD is 55,004.

Solar Power in Cameroon

Cédrick lives in the city of Nkondougou III, a little village of 60 people, a couple hours away from Yaoundé in Cameroon. The city is connected to the electric network but habitants have lived without power for the last eight years after a breakdown of the power lines. Cédrick owns a little shop that sells basic foods such as eggs, oil, sweets, and in 2019, he decided to find a solution to get light and bought a solar kit with three lights from upOwa‘s team .

Later in 2019, as Cédrick was satisfied with upOwa’s level of quality and services, he decided to invest in another kit with a TV. Since then, more consumers go to his shop to enjoy the TV and lights and he has significantly increased his revenue. His shop is one of the few lightened spots in the village, and people really enjoy hanging out at his shop, forgetting sometimes that he has to rest! He would like now to equip his home too with a solar kit to power a freezer.

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