Building a Happy Team: Key Highlights from Persistent’s 2023 Retreat in Naivasha, Kenya

January 31, 2024

At Persistent, team bonding isn’t just a gathering; it’s a celebration of our shared journey as leading climate tech investors in Africa. Our diverse  team came together in December 2023 to celebrate the end of another impactful year. In 2024, Our goal is to keep expanding climate tech investments across the African continent through what we do best – Identifying, Investing and building promising climate businesses through our venture building model. We hosted our annual team retreat in Naivasha, Kenya, surrounded by savannas, lakes and wildlife. This event brought together Persistent professionals from 12 nations, including esteemed partners and board members.

During the five-day retreat, the team came together to build a  shared vision and strategy for the future growth of Persistent. We embarked on site visits, participated in team bonding activities, explored the surroundings through excursions, and engaged in insightful company workshops. It was a time for connection, reflection, and setting our collective vision for the next year.


The first two days of the retreat focused on site visits to two of our e-mobility partner companies Ecobodaa, operating in Kenya and Tri, in Tanzania. We continue to strengthen our partnerships with our existing partner companies  and invest in climate tech solutions aimed at mitigating climate change. Our dedication extends beyond mere investment; it involves collaborating with our partner companies, aligning their innovative solutions with our vision for a sustainable future across the African continent. We are glad to have provided our board members from Kyuden International corporations and FSDAi with firsthand insights into our partner company’s operations. This experience allowed for a deeper understanding of the market, opportunities and the technology that underpin Persistent’s investment strategy.


Senior members of the team laid out the vision for Persistent’s future growth through various workshops including the development of our $100M Africa Climate Venture Builder Fund and our  investment strategy for the fund.  Persistent is expanding  our investment thesis into new climate tech opportunities, expanding our focus from the energy transition into technology supporting the Agricultural and Resource Transitions across Africa.


During our retreat, the team had the privilege of visiting KenGen, Kenya’s Electricity Generating Company. Given Persistent’s over 10 years experience in the energy sector, this visit held special significance. We understand the role of renewable energy in addressing energy poverty for the many still without access to clean energy, especially in Africa. Beyond offering insights into KenGen’s operations, the visit underscored the critical role of investing in renewable energy sources serving as a dual catalyst – promoting environmental sustainability and meeting the essential need for a dependable power infrastructure to fuel economic development.

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As a tradition at Persistent, the team retreat wasn’t solely focused on work; it also emphasized the importance of the team’s well-being. We had various sessions with Strength Journeys dedicated to enhancing team unity and our collaborative strength as a multinational distributed team.

As the retreat came to a close, the team took a moment to look ahead to 2024 and set goals individually and as a team. Leaving Naivasha, the team felt a renewed sense of unity and purpose as we continue our journey as Africa’s Climate Venture Builder.