Persistent announces its investment in EcoNetix – A global technology company which is building the largest high quality carbon credit portfolio globally

February 21, 2024

Persistent, Africa’s Climate Venture Builder, is excited to announce its latest investment in EcoNetix, an innovative global technology company that uses a digital measurement, reporting and verification process (dMRV) to bring back trust and transparency into the  carbon market. The company uses a range of digital tools to monitor the progress and impact of its projects to ensure the integrity of carbon credit projects to verify the actual carbon captured or avoided. Econetix closes the financing gap that arises for the emerging countries through the devastating effects of climate change.

With ongoing projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo Brazzaville, Angola and the DRC, EcoNetix is pioneering the largest high quality carbon credit portfolio driven by technology. They are therefore at the forefront of developing and promoting innovative climate protection and energy-saving projects, focusing on carbon projects.

This strategic investment reflects Persistent’s commitment to fostering a sustainable future that aligns with EcoNetix’s dedication to environmental stewardship. EcoNetix is establishing itself as a key player in high-quality, transparent, and digitally monitored carbon project development, making significant strides in climate protection efforts.

Tobias Ruckstuhl, Managing Partner at Persistent, shares, “EcoNetix represents the newest generation of innovative carbon project development companies, complementing our existing portfolio and unlocking new revenue streams for the broader Climate sector in Africa. We believe companies like Econetix (and our existing partner company, CarbonClear) will make carbon markets reliable and trustworthy again and enable carbon finance to accelerate the vital transition required for Climate change mitigation. We are also excited to get exposure to the African Nature-based solutions space through their work.”

EcoNetix founder Jakob Zenz shares: “We are incredibly happy and proud to have won Persistent as our first cheque investor. We see this as a truly remarkable confirmation of our value proposition and can not wait to build the largest high quality carbon credit portfolio globally with a clear focus on the tremendous opportunities of the African continent.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in Persistent’s mission to support organizations actively contributing to environmental sustainability and combating climate change.

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About EcoNetix

Founded in 2023, EcoNetix is at the forefront of transforming the carbon credit landscape in Africa. By leveraging advanced digital methods and technologies, the company optimizes carbon credits’ monitoring, review, and validation (MRV) process, making it easier and more transparent. Their commitment to supporting underprivileged communities and advancing sustainable development goals is evident in their innovative approach to environmental challenges.