Half year in Review: A Partner’s Perspective at Persistent

July 2, 2024
MOOD – Bio (4)

At the start of the year, Toukam Ngoufanke was promoted to partner, marking a significant milestone for him and for Persistent. Over the past three years as a Principal and Senior Venture Builder, Toukam has played a pivotal role in driving our investment, portfolio management and venture building efforts. Now, as a partner, he continues to use his extensive experience to lead the team. He recounts:

“Stepping into this new role as a partner at Persistent, it’s been an eye-opening journey—a blend of growth, gratitude, and genuine connections. Reflecting back, it’s clear that the heartbeat of Persistent is its people. It’s about the incredible team members who bring their passion every day, the visionary investors who share our dreams, and the brilliant entrepreneurs we’re privileged to support. It’s these connections, these moments of trust and choices, that truly create the movement.

Diving into the role, it’s the day-to-day interactions and shared achievements that have been most enlightening. It’s in these moments that I’ve found the most profound lessons, all pointing back to the value of our people and the relationships we foster.

Looking ahead, I’m energized by two main goals. The first is driving towards the initial close of our Africa Climate Venture Builder (ACV) Fund. This is something we are working hard towards achieving collectively as a team and I have no doubt that we will achieve it.

Secondly, at Persistent, we firmly believe that impactful ventures can be commercially successful. This is why we focus on providing early-stage equity capital and venture building support.  We back inspiring individuals tackling Africa’s most pressing challenges, developing solutions that are both commercially sound and drive positive change for our communities and environment. While demanding, this work is deeply fulfilling.  At its core, it’s about empowering individuals and creating positive impact, which brings a profound sense of satisfaction to my teammates and I.”