Rensource’s Journey to Impacting Female Engineers

July 8, 2024
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As a firm committed to investing in the vision and resilience of women within our firm and through the women entrepreneurs we support, initiatives that empower women hold a special place in our hearts. This commitment extends to encouraging our partner companies to implement similar empowering practices. Therefore, it was indeed delightful when we heard of the Rensource Energize Her Initiative (REHI), launched in October 2023. The REHI resonated deeply with our core values with its aim to address the gender disparities within the engineering sector in Nigeria

Statistics from the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics reveal that, between 2018 and 2020, females constituted less than 30 percent of engineering and technology graduates in Nigeria. REHI therefore aimed to address this issue by inspiring female secondary school students, undergraduates, and graduates to explore careers in engineering, with a special focus on the growing solar energy sector. The initiative was not only to create a more equitable environment but also to equip these young women to become future leaders and innovators in sustainable energy solutions.

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The initiative’s first major event was a Career Day held at the University of Lagos, attended by over hundred final-year engineering students. The event was designed to guide them in forging successful careers in the solar energy field. Subsequently, in collaboration with the Women in Energy Network (WIEN), Rensource conducted a selection process to offer the top four female students a comprehensive six month internship covering various energy departments at Rensource, including solar design, energy audit, and project execution, along with a one week boot camp to convert their theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

The initiative, still ongoing, aims to support eight female engineering graduates annually, facilitating an easier transition for these females into the sector with the potential to absorb them into permanent positions within the organization upon the completion of the program . This effort further aligns with and advances the broader impacts of SDGs 5, 6, 11, and 13.

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One of the selected interns, Toluwanimi, shared on LinkedIn: “I want to express my gratitude to all the staff at Rensource, who made me feel so welcome; I felt like I could start right away! I am eagerly looking forward to becoming a part of the Rensource team.”

Another attendee, Kanyisola, said, “I’ve been empowered to be more confident and take risks as a female engineer. I am grateful to Rensource for creating a program that encourages learning and growth. I’m so excited for this experience.”


Rensource has been our partner company since 2016. We are proud of their dedication to advancing and working towards bridging the gap in women’s participation and success within Nigeria’s engineering sector.

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