My Climate Journey with Persistent Managing Partner, Tobias Ruckstuhl

October 18, 2023

“I did grow up in rural central Africa, spent my childhood there, and firsthand experienced the struggles of reliable and renewable energy, which later on led me back to joining Persistent nearly seven years ago.” These were the words of Persistent Managing Partner, Tobias Ruckstuhl, during an episode of My Climate Journey Collective alongside Bimbola Adisa, CEO of Beacon Power Services, our partner company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Their discussion centered on the evolving landscape of startup funding in Africa and the expanding sources of capital now accessible to startups across the African continent.

Throughout the episode, Tobias provided valuable insights into Persistent’s role as Africa’s Climate Venture Builder, highlighting our Venture Building model. Additionally, he detailed how we evaluate new climate tech sectors, our limited partners fundraising process, and various other key aspects within the climate sector.

Listen to the full podcast by clicking the link here